Easy and Affordable Ways to Update Your Space – mahlii


Easy and Affordable Ways to Update Your Space

We love refreshing our living and work spaces so we're sharing some easy and affordable ways to create something new and exciting around you!
1. Frames!  The perfect way to frame your favourite memories, inspiration and words of wisdom.  Try printing the images in black and white and mixing with black and white frames for a monochrome look.  You can pick up some really cheap frames from places like Target and Ikea.
2. Assorted Bottles and Jars for flowers and greenery  Collect these over time from iced lattes, cold pressed juices, jam jars and op shops.  This is the perfect decoration for a window sill or a table centrepiece at your next dinner party
3. Recycling old Candles for make up brushes, stationary and organising in general
4. Cushions!  Cushions can instantly refresh your bed or couch and add some colour to brighten a room.  These are some of our favourites from Adrift - you can purchase these here
5. Magazine Stacks....if you're like us you've collected hundreds of magazines over the years.  Turns out they can actually be useful.  Stack them neatly and use them as displays on coffee tables, bed side tables and layer them along a wall to place mirrors and pot plants.  
Happy Re-arranging!  x Mahlii