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Summer Essentials

Summer is just around the corner and it's so easy to go crazy on buying a whole new wardrobe, so our Social Media and Creative guru Rachel has put together the perfect bare minimum-must have list for you this Summer...

My bare necessities...

Shorts - one super comfy pair and of course a denim pair
Tops - a statement piece (or two) and good quality basics
Bikinis - invest in a good pair this year, throw out the rest!
Good food - treat yo self! Acai bowls and raw vegan treats
Bags - Just one big beach giant bag and cute clutch will do

Other than that, a good book and the beach is all you'll need!

                                   Roxy Shirt                                                    Miss Bliss
                  Marho Crop + Vintage Levis                     Coachella Top (coming soon!)
          (and of course crystals and lil plants!)                
                                  Pru Shorts                                     Marho kinis and Ratha Clutch

Love Rachel x