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DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

If you’ve put off your spring clean for another year or even added it to your list of ‘never to be done New Year resolutions’, these simple DIY macramé plant hangers may just give you the little push and inspiration you need.
All you need is any old string, yarn, wool or twine you may come across during your clean out as well as those tiny pot plants you thought were adorable for table decorations and now just get in the way of everything!
But don’t worry you’ll have them in their own plant hammocks in no time.


Start with 4 x 1m long pieces of string, yarn, wool or twine

Fold the pieces of string in half and knot them at the half way point (image 2).

With the knot in the centre, separate the string in 4 lots of 2 pieces, like a cross (image 3).

Next separate the pieces in new pairs and knot them about an inch from the centre 
(image 4), depending on how big your plant is, repeat this step until you have enough rows to fit your pot.

Finally sit your plant in the middle and knot the ends of the string above your plant, and hang where desired.

Happy hanging! 

Macrame Inspiration via Pinterest