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Summer Dreaming

Days are getting longer and nights are getting warmer. We’re revelling in the beauty of springtime but excited by promise of Summer just around the corner. Here’s our five favourite things about Summer that have us anticipating the warmer weather…

1) Beach!

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Lay out the round-towel, throw on the bikinis and find yourself a shady spot on the sand for a day at the beach. Hours spent lounging on the sand, reading a good book and listening to the island vibes of Mac Demarco are broken up with dips in calm crystal blue waves.

2) Summer fruit

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The warm weather calls for tropical fruits for breakfast, lunch…and maybe even dinner! We can’t get enough of quintessential summer mangoes, passionfruit, and ice cold watermelon. One açaí bowl please!

3) Longer nights

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As days grow longer early evening events are only just the start of what could be an unforgettable night. Dinner with the girls could flow into a night of margaritas and dancing at that little beachside bar. Barbecues with friends can turn into moon-lit swims. And beachside camping means star gazing and sunrise spotting.

4) Earlier mornings

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It’s so much easier to get out of bed in Summer! You’ll find us up earlier doing yoga, going for walks or heading out early for an invigorating beach swim. A well spent morning sets a great precedence for the rest of the day.

5) Adventures

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Summer is full of excitement and promise of days spent exploring, holidays, blissful relaxing and discovering new places. Whether it’s seeking out a hidden waterfall, climbing Mount Warning to catch a spectacular sunrise, piling into a car with your best friends to road trip, or jumping on a plane and going somewhere exciting, Summer is always about adventures and taking time out to just have fun.