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Follow the sun: Travel lust-list

We’ve endured nation wide cold snaps with even sub-tropical Queensland receiving a splattering of snowflakes & frost. We’ve shared nights warmed by mulled wine. We’ve layered and lusted over faux fur and suede, but now we’re ready to chase the sun, venture back into nature and switch boots for bare feet beach wandering.
As we eagerly await the return of balmy summer nights drinking sangria under fairy lights and starry skies we’ve put together a list of our most coveted summer destinations. The Mahlii girl is an avid traveller and always seeks new destinations, renewed inspiration and an excuse to jump on a jet plane to somewhere remote and breathtaking.
Here is our Summer destination checklist as documented by some of our favourite blogs. Get your passports ready…


“Decades after my first visit, I still find Sicily one of the world's most mesmerisingly beautiful places. Among the island's innumerable charms, here are a few personal favorites: the ever-present scent of lemon trees, the purity of dawn light on terracotta walls, the colourful decrepitude of Palermo's markets, the drama of Stromboli erupting against a darkening sky, the sense that history lurks always just around the next corner, the reflective marble glow of late-night Ortygia and Marsala streets, the lonely majesty of Segesta, the exotic flavours of Sicilian food and the kindness of its people.”

Why I Love Sicily - Gregor Clark



As a former conservation biologist, for me there's lots to love about Bhutan. The mountains are carpeted in diverse forests that sing with birds, and it's the opportunity to explore this relatively untouched corner of the Himalaya that keeps me coming back. A highlight of my recent trip was a pair of rufous-necked hornbills feeding right beside the road. Bhutan's Buddhist tradition of respect and reverence for nature plus its amazing festivals and engaging people are the headlines to a rewarding and complex story about a beautiful Himalayan kingdom with a unique outlook on progress.

Why I Love Bhutan - Lindsay Brown


image: pinterest 

“Welcome to my favourite place in Bali. Suluban Beach offers a surfers paradise just offshore from this utopian cave. While there watching the tide roll in and surfers paddle out, a Balinese local came to place her offerings with the incense filling the cave. If you’re not a surfer don’t expect to swim, instead we chose to sit, pause and appreciate the view.”
- Jessica Stein @ Tuula Vintage


image: follow the vista

“Over land the desert calls. The heat like a hallucinogenic rising from the heart of the San Jacinto mountains. On the horizon you spot scattered, glowing light and make tracks towards what could only be described as an oasis.

The true romance begins as soon as you venture under arches hugged by the fuchsia blossoms of bougainvillea, watch a moon rise and a sweet day fade like the last ember from the fire pit. Reclining on moroccan themed day beds in luxe poolside grounds a thought may come about the other world you left behind, it too soon passes you by...”

- Follow the Vista on Korakia Pensione B&B in Palm Springs

Happy Travels!