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Who is Mahlii?

The Mahlii Girl was born out of a desire for beauty, a thirst for exploring, a penchant for splendour and a wildness and intrigue that exists only in the hearts and minds of youth. She follows the sun, lives by the moon. Her hair tousled by the salt air is kissed golden by her days spent floating in beaches clear and calm.
Her life is an abundance of colour; she adorns herself in beautiful magentas, turquoise, indigos and light white cottons. Embellished with gold, silver and light-reflecting trinkets from head to toe the soft sound of chimes follows the Mahlii Girl; she is forever turning heads and catching eyes on her path.
Adrift has crafted the Mahlii collection for our bare-feet wanderers, the young women allured by the beauty and marvel of the world in which we live. Our collection is made for balmy nights dancing in the foothills of Ubud, star gazing from inside the cotton silk nets of a beachside hut in Tulum, meandering the sundrenched terracotta lined streets of Rome and lounging by the turquoise-green waters of Wategos Bay.
"And the stars blinked as they watched her carefully, jealous of her shine"
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- Mahlii Team