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Travel Beauty Essentials

Regardless of whether we are going on a quick road trip this weekend or have a few weeks off for a real getaway, there are certain beauty products that we cannot go without. There is nothing like having your favourite products on hand after a long day of travelling. But no one wants to be carting around huge bottles everywhere so thought needs to go into what you will actually use. No one has room in their carry on for unnecessary items. 

First thing is a good aqua mist. They are so refreshing and reinvigorating. Not only do they keep the skin hydrated and glowing but they also smell amazing. A personal favourite is the Coast to Coast Ultra Soothing Wild Rosella and Geranium Aqua Mist


Next on the essential list is for the body. Sometimes even the slightest change in climate can result in unfavourable reactions from the skin. One of the biggest problems is when my skin is unhappy it will usually become very dry, so a product is needed to that will be very ultra hydrating and soothing. When in doubt The Body Shop has a great range to choose from. One that never lets me down is their Vitamin E Moisture Cream


Now we have taken care of the skin but what about makeup? Travelling is the best opportunity to dial back the makeup routine and make do with the bare necessities. Whilst we would love to all go without any foundation or cover up on holidays, it is always good to have some on standby just in case a bad skin day is looming ahead. The Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream provides a natural level of coverage and is SPF 35. So its not as heavy as regular foundation but great when feeling the need to be a bit more put together.


Last but not least, for me there is no going anywhere without mascara. When it comes to travelling you just never know when you will stuck in the rain or going for an impromptu swim. So as far as I am concerned waterproof mascara is a must! It lasts much longer than regular mascara and can withstand just about anything. So the days you do decide to wear it, you will not be in a constant state of fear that the dreaded panda eyes could strike at any time.  And the Napoleon Perdis Mesmer Eyes Mascara never lets me down. 

x Mahlii.